Gillamii Centre Sustainable Agriculture in Practice

The Gillamii Centre aims to lead and inspire our Agricultural Community and the Community at Large to be involved with sustainable land use through training, education and knowledge into the future.

Today, the Gillamii is a group of like-minded individuals based in the shires of Cranbrook and Broomehill-Tambellup in the Southwest of Western Australia, who are interested in the management of our natural and agricultural resources.    Whilst the two areas of agricultural production and natural resource management are to some degree distinct, they are also inextricably linked.    Primary producers, by the very nature of their business are managers of the land, and it is in their interest to protect, enhance and manage the natural resources within their control to the best of their ability to maximize both sustainability and profitability.   This is the role of Gillamii - to encourage and lead in the efficient use of resources across the community whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment.


Community Engagement building relationships between producers, agricultural groups, schools and the community at large via hosting various events such as workshops, speakers, community tree planting and night fauna stalks. We also support and partner with like minded organisations, linking all parties, to ensure there is sustainable agriculture in practice.   Funded by Gillamii, Bendigo Bank and MtBarker Co-operative, a highlight of the year for the younger generation is the Barna Mia Camp at Dryandra. This excursion educates the local Tambellup, Cranbrook & Frankland River year six school children about Australian fauna.

Agriculture Research & Extension  another arm of Gillamii is research in viticulture and agriculture - both broadacre and intensive. Farm trials and extension projects which are specific to this Great Southern higher rainfall region.   Gillamii is known for its saltbush and perennial pasture research with DPIRD and CSIRO regenerating marginal and saline land back into production.   

Natural Resource Management  the Gillamii has a long association with South Coast Natural Resource Management and Landcare Australia delivering on ground funding for fencing projects to restore and protect natural resources and biodiversity, as well as pest control. More recently this funding has a climate change focus.   In partnership with Gondwana Link and Greenskills a re-establishment of wetland habitat has been undertaken at a series of North Stirlings located salt lakes to protect the threatened hooded plover shore bird.   



Other Community Services Available at The Gillamii Centre

Bendigo Bank Meeting Room Hire - Seats 30 people comfortably. Call 9826 1234 to book.

Cranbrook Public Library - Is open Wednesday to Friday 9am - 4:30pm

The Cranbrook Newsletter - Call 0417 981 264 or email to place an advert in the monthly edition.  

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development - Livestock Compliance Inspector John Barden 0429 377 767 




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