Previous Projects

Summary of projects and money used on ground through Gillamii Centre. Click on the More Details link to view full details of the project.

Project NameStart DateFinish Date Project ID Project Officer

Amount Received

Assessment of fauna populations in 4 priority remnant vegetation sites to produce infomration to ass2012201326200.00View Details
Balicup and Camel Lake Project2006Envirofund27910.00View Details
Capacity Engagement Project for Natural Resource Management (North Stirlings and Kent Frankland Nort2008200908SC-07 RC108000.00View Details
Community Action Grants2010CAG09-000119918.18View Details
Community Action Grants2012CAG010-00521934.00View Details
Evaluating Perennials20052006EvaluatingJohn Howard14000.00View Details
Farm Ready240000.00View Details
Fencing and Rehabilitation of a Waterway in the Frankland Gordon Catchment WA20042006EnvirofundMark Waud6300.00View Details
Fencing and Rehabilitation of Gordon River Tributaries Cranbrook WA20042005EnvirofundMark Waud9191.82View Details
Frankland Gordon Strategic Catchment Management0View Details
Golden Wattle Eradication201120121003827100.00View Details
Gondwana Link Project2006200969913.00View Details
Improving Water Quality in the Frankland River20062007Envirofund43079.09View Details
Increasing Biodiversity in Hammila Hill Sub Catchment20062007Envirofund18983.18View Details
Increasing capacity and engagement in the outer zones of the Gillamii service area.2012201308008-0415000.00View Details
Increasing Knowledge and Skills in Sustainable Farm Practices in the Cranbrook, Frankland Gordon Are2010201310SC-C72178805.31View Details
Increasing Knowledge and Skills in Sustainable Farm Practices in the Cranbrook, Frankland Gordon Are2009201109SC-C08234615.00View Details
Lake Toolbrunup Water Catchment Project20042006EnvirofundMark Waud26826.00View Details
Nature appreciation at Lake Poorarecup2009201118985.25View Details
Protecting Biodiversity in the Kent Catchment20062007Envirofund6070.00View Details
Protecting Remnant Vegetation in Frankland20062007Envirofund38733.18View Details
Protecting waterways in Cranbrook20062007Envirofund36765.32View Details
Protection and Rehabilitation of a Gordon River Natural Drainage System, Cranbrook20042006EnvirufndMark Waud10134.55View Details
Reconnected country: building wildlife corridors from Forest to Strirlings2011201311SC-C104259002.00View Details
SGSL Trial20032006SGSL11168.00View Details
Southern Incentives R3 Squibb2007SI3R3-4036418.00View Details
Sustainable Grazing on saline lands20042006SGSL5542.00View Details
Sustainable Grazing on saline lands20042006SGSL7289.00View Details
The Frankland Gorder River Fencing and Revegetation Project WA20042005EnvirofundMark Waud15958.18View Details
The Frankland Gorder River Fencing Project20042005EnvirofundMark Waud43201.82View Details
The Gordon River Project20042005EnvirofundMark Waud29711.00View Details