Wansbrough Demonstration Site

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Wansbrough Demonstration Site
The Wansbrough Demonstration site is a highly visible, badly salt affected area adjaccent to the Great Southern Highway between Cranbrook and Tambellup. As it is visible to road users, it was suggested to the landholder, Mr Tom Irving, that it would suit the purposes for a trial site demonstrating the methods outlined by the Saltland Genie and SALTCAP2. These methods outlined the different land classes within the site the different engineering and plant soloutions that would be suitable for each.

Mr Irving agreed to the proposal allowing the worst affected areas to be fenced to enable him to retain as much grazing land as possible.

The area included in the demonstration site has significant degradation to the soils. The site is predominantly covered with barley grass with some areas of bare scald.

For further information on the site and the treatments see the Wansbrough Draft Report.

Wansbrough_Kike_Oct_2011 kike_millett_emerg_nov2011
Kikuyu (foreground) and French Millett emerging on the deep sands at the Wansbrough site October 2011 (left) and early November (right).

Melons on the kikuyu site May 2011                                    Ian Walsh inspecting the melons collected by the Pardellup Work Camp prior to sowing

Ian & Mick Walsh weighing out seed and calibrating combine to the Kikuyu/French Millett mix
Kikuyu and millet germinating on deep sand
Saltbush emerging on the mounds in the saline area
Ian Walsh checking for saltbush germination
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