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Southern Incentives
A new round of Southern Incentives funding is currently available. This funding is targetted to protection and or restoration of native vegetation. If you have any existing remnants of good quality, we may be able to provide funding for fencing. Alternatively, if you would like to revegetate an area which will help to create vegetation links in the landscape, this project can potentially provide the funding for both the revegetation and fencing for protection. 

Contact Genevieve Harvey to register your interest in obtaining funding on 9826 1234 or

Biodiversity Fund
A joint project between Gillamii and North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources, this funding is a very rare opportunity to obtain assistance to implement potentially commercial vegetation stands. This funding will have several streams available. There will be funding for biodiverse native vegetation as is found in other funding programs, but this project will also provide funding for implementing biodiverse sandalwood stands, along with funding for fodder/forage based shrubs such as saltbush, tagasaste, acacia saligna etc. 

If you would like to be involved with this project, you will need to complete an expression of interest form which you can find here

Return the completed expression of interest to Geneveive Harvey at fax 9826 1235 or - site visits for this project will commence in September 2012, with works to be undertaken in the 2013/2014 seasons.

South Coast NRM Biodiversity Fund
This funding program has been approved. We are looking to undertake further Golden Wattle management, this project will allow us to do works on private land. If you have golden wattle on your property, get in touch we can likely organise a contractor to remove it.
There is funding available for licenced pest management operators for fox and cat bounties.
46km of fencing will be allocated to protect remnant vegetation
10ha of revegetation available also accompanied with fencing.

Service Area
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