Vision / Mission

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The Gillamii community be actively involved in the efficient use of our natural resources by 2020.

To lead and inspire prosperous sustainable agriculture and communities into the future.

Review of current Mission Statement
The Gillamii Management Committee is aware of the changing financial climate surrounding the industry. As such we are currently looking towards various options for the Centre’s future. As part of our forward planning the Committee participated in a ‘Change Management’ student project with local farmer and Biodiversity Officer, Wendy Bradshaw. The aim of the project was to assist the Gillamii Management Committee and associated groups to deal with the transition phase associated with reduced federal government funding since the 2007 election. As well as the implications of this on funding arrangements between the regional funding body and the sub-regional or catchment management groups responsible for the on-ground implementation of natural resource management outcomes.

The project consisted of one-on-one interviews with the Gillamii Management Committee, past and present staff of the Gillamii Centre and other NRM partners, including the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia and South Coast NRM Inc. From these interviews a ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats’ analysis was completed for the Gillamii Centre. It was then reported and delivered to the Gillamii Management Committee in February 2009.

During this process it was identified that the term ‘sustainable agriculture’ is commonly used however individually people have their own unique views of what it means. This creates challenges for the Gillamii Centre to effectively communicate with the stakeholders involved in improving the health of our communities and our land. The Gillamii Management Committee have recognised the need for a shared view of this term and that the richer the participation in developing this view, the richer the outcome. This explicit ‘shared’ understanding will form the basis on which to review our vision, mission and values which in turn dictates the basis of our future planning.

From the February meeting it was agreed to:
  • Organise a facilitated workshop on sustainable agriculture where the Gillamii Management Committee intended to define their shared meaning of ‘sustainable agriculture’.
  • Invite involvement of Cranbrook Shire, South Coast NRM, DAFWA, FGCMG, Broomehill Tambellup Shire, landholders, Oyster Harbour Catchment and Grower Group Alliance.
  • Organise this workshop in conjunction with Wendy as Biodiversity Implementation Officer with South Coast NRM Inc., in collaboration with the Community Engagement Officer

The ‘Defining Sustainable Agriculture’ workshop was the first step in the development of a strategic plan for the Gillamii Centre. This workshop was held on the 20th of March and was attended by a range of key stakeholders. From this information was gathered to then move onto the next step in this process, which will be to review the Gillamii Centre’s current mission statement. The review is to be completed by July 2009 and will provide the Gillamii Centre with a holistic model to work towards a Strategic Plan.

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