EnviroFund Projects

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Envirofund was a funding program introduced by the Federal Government in 2002 that assisted local communities in undertaking on-ground environmental activities such as revegetation of native species and waterway and native vegetation protection fencing. It was part of the community section of the Australian Government’s $3 billion Natural Heritage Trust. Since its beginning in April 2002, Envirofund provided financial support for nearly 4000 projects, totaling a $59 million investment Australia-wide.

Two rounds of funding were offered throughout each financial year, totaling around $20 million. Grants of up to $50,000 could be applied for with applicants contributing towards the total cost of the project either through cash and/or in-kind support. The EnviroFund program generally provided up to one dollar for every dollar or in-kind equivalent contributed by the landholder or community group. Table 3 and 4 below summarises the details of the projects administered through the Gillamii Centre.

Summary of Envirofunds projects delivered through the Gillamii Centre

Round Project No.
Title Total Allocated
1 48263
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
Fencing and Rehabilitation of a waterway in the Frankland Gordon Catchment WA $6,930.00
1 48259
Gillamii Centre
Protection and Rehabilitation of a Gordon River Natural Drainage System - Cranbrook $11,148.01
1 42354 North-Sirlings Land Conservation District Council Protecting Lake Toolbrunup Catchment Remnants $26,826.00
1 45036
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
The Frankland River Fencing and Revegetation Project WA $17,554.00
1 44914
Gillamii Centre
Fencing and rehabilitation of Gordon River Tributaries - Cranbrook WA $10,111.00
1 42710
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
The Gordon River Project $29,711.00
6 51360
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
Frankland Gordon River Fencing Project $43,201.82
6 51355
Gillamii Centre
Frankland River Fencing Project $16,581.82
8 59188
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
Reducing salt and sediment loads from Ryan's Brook South $47,387.00
8 59165
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
Protecting remnant vegetation in Frankland $42,606.50
8 59177
Frankland Gordon Catchment Management Group
Improving water quality in the Frankland River $41,427.33
8 59186
Gillamii Centre
Increasing biodiversity in Hamila Hill sub-Catchmen $20,881.50
8 59180
Gillamii Centre
Protecting waterways in Cranbrook $40,441.84
8 59173
Gillamii Centre
Protecting biodiversity in the Kent Catchment $6,070.00
8 59183
Gilamii Centre
Balicup and Camel Lake Project WA 2006 $27,910.00
Total EnviroFund Grant Funding $388,787.00

Summary of On-ground works completed through Envirofunds Projects

Revegetation (Ha) Perennial Pasture (Ha) Remnant Vegetation Fencing (km) Agroforestry Drainage (km) Stock Crossings
Total Works 71.6 12 82.8 2.4 2.5 10
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