Community Action Grants

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2010CAG09-0001Aust Gvt19918.18


Our proposal follows on from the previous Gillamii Centre Inc project 'The Gondwana Link Forest to Stirlings Project'. The project formed part of the larger Gondwana Link program which is working to achieve long-term sustainability of natural systems by reconnecting 'country in the South-West Australia, from Kalgoolie to the karri, in which ecosystem function and biodiversity are restored and maintained' (Judd etc al.2004). This project will assist landholders of identified priority properties to conserve remnant vegetation to be managed fro greater ecological connectivity across our area. The specific outcomes of this project include biodiversity restoration work (6km of fencing and 8 ha of revegetation) on priority properties linked to the Upper Kent (Unicup) and Balicup (North Stirling) wetland suites located with respect to the Gondwana Link (Forest to Stirlings) program.


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