Gillamii Centre - Protecting EPBC listed species and improving soil health

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20122015RGD14-C206South Coast NRMGenevieve Harvey272383.61


Protecting south coast ecosystems: Improving connectivity connection and condition of corridor remnant vegetation will address fragmentation to allow improved prospects for animal movement. Fencing of high value vegetation, revegetating key areas and mitigating dieback will also improve habitat and prevent further fragmentation. Southern Soils: establish 2 demonstration field trials in targeted locations in the Cranbrook and Tembellup regions in key soild health area of water repellance.


18km fencing protecting 180ha habitat, 10ha revegetation targeting Carnaby's and BGW, 1 proteaceous veg survey, 1 veg survey report, 2 workshops. 2 non wetting soils demonstation sites established

Project Report