Lake Toolbrunup Water Catchment Project

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20042006EnvirofundEnvirofundMark Waud26826.00


It is expected to result in the stablisation of waterways, positive impact on ground water and decrease in the impact of salinity along the waterways, the buffer zone and adjacent farmland. These activites link to the ongoing Surface Water Management project that has commenced in the catchment. The main plan focuses on the storage of water up slope with large dams and the overflows are planned to run into these waterways. Protecting and stabilizing thses waterways is a key component to this plan. It is anticipated that the level of fauna currenly using or traversing these waterways will dramatically increase as the habitat increases with the density of vegetation as it matures.


Six landholders were involved in fencing and replanting, mostly on the main waterway thru the Lake Toolbrunup Catchment, with some tributaries and engineered drains being fenced and revegetated also. 13.8 km of fencing along the primary waterway, includin

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