Green Shirts from the Farm to the City

 Ten members of the movement participated in theevent wearing their green shirts with friends in ‘civvies’ to provide anaccurate representation of the true faces of farming.

 “We weren’t there to defend live export ofdebate any particular issue, we were just there to meet people and answer anyquestions they might have about farming” Green Shirts rally organiser andBeverly grain grower Alan Sattler told Farm Weekly. “We had grain growers woolgrowers, cattle and sheep producers and representatives from the transportindustry and supporting organisations.”

The GillamiiCentre based in Cranbrook, services regions of WA covering the shires of Broomehill– Tambellup and parts of Plantagenet and Denmark seeking to provide knowledge, education,and training in the area. The grower group provides resources to support the futureof farming with a strong focus on sustainable land use.

The firstrally was not without it’s issues but overall deemed a success “I thought itwas a pretty good effort for a first time the idea was to counter some of thenot so flattering images of farmers that he city people might have from whatthey see on facebook and television buy having real farmers there. We created alot of interest a lot of people spoke to use – some initially had us confusedwith the (Australian) Greens because of our shirts but we soon correct that. “Therewere no animal activists – none of them.” Alan shared “Next time we’ll have abarbeque and we might bring a couple of farm dogs along with us so there’s noconfusion about who we are” he said.

 Farmers interestedin joining the green shirts movement or inclined to be part of future publicrelations rallies can contact Mr Sattler on 0429461569 or