Current Projects

Summary of current projects and money used on ground through Gillamii Centre. Click on the More Details link to view full details of the project.

Project NameStart DateFinish Date Project ID Project Officer

Amount Received

Barna Mia Trip2010$0View Details
Capacity Building2014$15000.00View Details
Enhancing Biodiversity and revolutionising revegetation techniques20122014LSP-944118$14300.00View Details
Gillamii Centre - Protecting EPBC listed species and improving soil health20122015RGD14-C206$272383.61View Details
Old Man Saltbush Trial2013$0View Details
Restoring Gondwana - Gillamii Project, Kent Frankland20122014BFRG - 109$276448.00View Details
Wansborough Trial Site2010$0View Details

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