Our Stakeholders

Stakeholder involvement is crucial to the operation and future of the Gillamii. There are a wide range of Stakeholders, some more engaged than others. The committee see the need for continued stakeholder engagement and involvement the future direction of the centre. Stakeholder management is critical to ensuring that delivery of outcomes is consistent with community needs. Stakeholders include;

  • Primary Producers
  • Community members
  • Small landholders
  • Other landcare and production groups
  • Local Shires
  • Local schools
  • Business partners
  • Agri business centres
  • Government Departments
  • Natural Resource Management Agencies
  • Funding providers

The Gillamii is committed to more actively including some stakeholder groups such as small landholders and schools. They have a broad commitment to provide more service to the small landholders and to engage youth and provide for youth development in the care of the land.

The centre could not function without the assistance of other organisations with the provision of technical data, information and resources such as;

  • South Coast Natural Resource Management (South Coast NRM)
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA)
  • Department of Water

Funding providers are major stakeholders of the Gillamii. Funding is currently provided by the State and Federal governments in a range of funding rounds for a variety of projects. A large portion of funding is allocated to the Gillamii by South Coast NRM, a very important partner in providing funding for the implementation of natural resource initiatives.

Enjoying a professional and committed relationship with their local government, the Shire of Cranbrook, the Gillamii receives funding and other assistance from the Shire that is vital to their ongoing operation. The Gillamii Committee recognise the need to continue to develop other stakeholder relationships into the future to ensure their sustainability and service delivery.

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA are invaluable to the Gillamii, providing technical expertise, Departmental officer, assistance with funding for the centre. The Department provide facilities, equipment, support and expertise.