Planning Framework

2010 The first plan was formulated with committee and staff, as well as representatives from key stakeholder groups
Document was provided to stakeholders for consultation.
The Strategic Plan was successfully launched in Cranbrook
2011 A strategic action plan was developed to assist in the delivery of the strategies and objectives
2013 The strategic plan was reviewed and the action plan updated

Review 2015

In 2014/15 a significant review has been undertaken. The Committee has reviewed all elements of the plan, including the Vision, Purpose, Values and Objectives. This comprehensive review acknowledges the achievements of the 2010-2014 plan, and builds on those to deliver this new 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

With the ongoing development of the committee, the organisation and changes in the political environment, change is essential to growth. This plan has been subject to two facilitated sessions with the Committee. The final draft has also been presented to a select range of stakeholders for their consideration.

The Gillamii Centre Committee is grateful for the outstanding contribution of all of their partners in the planning process. Comments and feedback provided have been invaluable and has produced outcomes and objectives that will drive the activity of the Gillamii for the coming five year period.