Objectives and Strategies

1.0 Enable landholders to increase skills and knowledge in managing natural resources for sustainable agricultural landscapes.

1.1. Promote and provide access to relevant, quality field days, events and workshops
1.2. Facilitate information to landholders to support their increasing knowledge
1.3. Provide access to equipment and resources
1.4. Create, promote and deliver information on best farm and land practices
1.5. Collect and disseminate current research and materials

2.0 Deliver relevant on-ground projects.

2.1 Seek appropriate grant funding and sponsorship for projects
2.2 Support the community to develop ideas and projects
2.3 Provide administrative and technical project support
2.4 Develop research projects which promote innovation and best practice
2.5 Increase uptake of project opportunities 2.6 Coordinate, manage and deliver on-ground works

3.0 Practice Effective Communication and Beneficial Partnerships

3.1 Increase profile of the Gillamii as source of expertise
3.2 To advocate and lobby for funding and recognition of agricultural and environmental significance to all levels of government
3.3 Develop improved communication methods and strategies using multiple communication methods
3.4 Develop and implement a public relations, advertising and marketing strategy
3.5 Support youth education and development
3.6 Promote the value of including NRM in agricultural and environmental practices
3.7 Develop and maintain effective communications with stakeholders
3.8 Initiate and participate in effective networking that support the organisations objectives
3.9 Continue to develop existing relationships with relevant bodies

4.0 Provide a strong, stable working environment that enables the organisation to grow, learn and achieve goals.

4.1 Provide employees with suitable contracts which support their employment and growth
4.2 Assess training needs and provide training opportunities for the good of the employee and organisation
4.3 Establish policies and procedures for effective organisational management and good governance
4.4 Develop and implement an induction process for employees and the Management Committee

5.0 Be an organisation that provides strong leadership, accountability and financial sustainability.

5.1 Investigate and source additional funding ,expanding the funding mix of the organisation
5.2 Continue to engage and build relationships with existing funding bodies
5.3 Review and optimise the organisational structure and constitution of the Gillamii
5.4 Run financially responsible events
5.5 Encourage corporate sponsorships
5.6 Seek support from local governments where the Gillamii delivers outcomes
5.7 Continue the development of the infrastructure of the centre to deliver outcomes