Our Strategic Plan

Since the development of the first Gillamii strategic plan in 2010, a great deal has been achieved. The profile of the Gillamii is growing, relationships have strengthened and a large number of successful events, activities and workshops have been held.

Staff have continued to provide support to the committee and take on new and developing roles and responsibilities and have continued to grow.

The committee has developed stronger group accountability for the delivery of outcomes and the financial position of the organisation.

This revision of the plan, in 2015, brings a new set of objectives, built upon those since 2008.

  • Facilitate, coordinate and promote natural resource management initiatives in the Gillamii area
  • Promote agriculture and NRM innovation and best practice
  • Effective Communication and beneficial partnerships
  • Strong inspirational working environment that enables that organisation to grown, learn and achieve goals.
  • An organisation that provides strong leadership, accountability and financial sustainability.

Our vision and purpose remain to:

Vision - A Productive and Resilient Agricultural Landscape
Purpose - To Lead, Inspire and Support:

  • Productive Agriculture
  • Rural Communities
  • Healthy natural ecosystem

Values - We work together to achieve:

  • Sustainability
    Resilience, Flexibility, Profitability
  • Excellence
    Effective, Achievement, Quality Service
  • Partnerships
    Open, Collaborative, Effective Communication
  • Ethical Operation
    Respect Honesty and Accountability

The future direction of this new plan will result in

  • Stronger relationships with the farming community
  • More media and promotional opportunities
  • Stronger communication with our community
  • Continued development of the organisation and our accountability
  • Implementation of paid membership
  • Attraction of additional funding and corporate sponsorship

Sam Lehmann, Chair